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About JEMS

A Message From Our Founder/CEO

We are here to stand out for the positive, make a difference, and live our best life both professionally and personally. It is our obligation to show up as our best version of ourselves and to bring out the best version of others. We earn trust and respect. We will treat everyone with respect and kindness. Our culture is about offering personalized, elevated, concierge services in all of JEMS divisions making meaningful human connections.

JEMS is behind you and we want to see you happy, healthy, and successful.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the global leader in meeting procurement and site selection


To provide personalized, elevated, concierge-level meetings and event services within the four divisions of JEMS Hospitality Group. To include strategic sourcing, evaluating site selections, reduced risk in contracting, and access event logistics, and execution with expanding technical resources from a team of tenured staff with over 200+ years of combined experience.

Our Values


Be aware of how others are feeling, what matters most to them, and how your actions affect others. Have honest conversations.


Ensure that we take nothing and no one for granted. Express thanks regularly to people who enrich our lives.


Take time to learn and ask questions to those close to us, but also someone new. Make a conscious effort to ask more questions and listen, giving the insight to open up and be in the present.


Treat everyone with respect and kindness and we will receive the same and more in return.


“Just do right” to stand for the positive in everything we do. Look at how we can make it better.

Meet The Team

George Boatright

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Ritter

Vice President of Sales/Operations

Donna Casanave

Director of Meetings

Bob Hudson

Executive Vice President of Sales

Jean Murphy

Staff Accountant