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Strategic Solutions

Helping hoteliers is our purpose and our passion. From sales and operations to organization assessment, we help to provide guidance and just-in-time tools and resources to help improve efficiency and profitability. JEMS will provide a comprehensive organizational review, a competitive review and digital marketplace evaluation to help guide clients with a clear, critical eye; providing measurable, sustainable AND, strategic solutions to help your organization grow.

JEMS offers a wide range of hotel operations support with customer service solutions, training, and cross-training support, plus task force and recruiting personnel options.

Our Core Competencies

Rejuvenating and promoting dynamic selling techniques and operating efficiently
Strengthening the sales effort with task force personnel, social media campaigns, and targeted sales to both existing and new clients
Providing revenue management guidance as well as a strategic-plans to reopen and/or expand and grow occupancy levels, to exceed REVPAR goals and indexes
Developing and customizing cross-training SOP’s for a wide variety of hotel divisions to assist the hotel in improving hotel-wide understanding and customer and departmental relations
Specializing in task force support, revenue management services, sales lead generation, and business development – hotels that get strategic get results
Providing detailed organizational restructuring, if needed, including job description development and onboarding and training of new hires
Providing options for effective virtual meetings solutions to best serve your needs to promote efficient and effective communication in your organization
Providing a registration management platform utilizing just-in-time feedback to best allocate resources to maximize occupancy
Establishing clear and effective lines of communication between the management company, the ownership, the financial institution, the hotel manager, and the hotel associates

The Team

The JEMS team includes our Founder/CEO, Executive Vice President/COO, Vice President of Meetings and Events, and the entire meetings Team, Vice President of Client Experiences,  Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Staff Accountant. Plus you will have access to experienced AV Producers for a Virtual Meeting Platform, Information Technology Support and Development, Web Designers/Developers and Graphic Designers, and more. One-stop shopping, ALL in one phone call or email.

JEMS will designate an Executive Team Member, to serve as your Point of Contact.

JEMS stresses excellence in all services coupled with emerging technologies and resources all made available to improve the organization’s profitability and efficiency. Our goal is to partner with your organization and lead you to a successful future.

Meet The Team

Additional Information

JEMS capabilities include detailed organizational restructuring if needed, job description development, onboarding, and training of new hires. Our resources can be deployed to cover multiple hotels within an ownership’s portfolio.

We have access to numerous marketing lists to assist with notifying businesses that your hotel is back to normal operations and any special messaging required to future guests/clients.

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